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Corporate Hospitality Advisor is the number one resource for finding, researching and comparing Corporate Hospitality packages in Australia.

Our dedicated team of researchers:

  • Are specialists in the Corporate Hospitality market for all sporting events, shows, concerts and cultural events.
  • Have an expert understanding of the different types of packages at each event.
  • Can discern pertinent information that may not be apparent to those who aren’t familiar with the different types of packages.

By using our site, you can:

  • Get a snapshot of what each package includes from our “Advisorgrid”, a table that compares the inclusions of each package for a particular event.
  • Be aware of all the opportunities in the market place, enabling you to make an informed decision about what package is best suited to your needs.
  • Be offered unbiased advice. We are not beholden to any agency, body or provider.
  • Save time by being able to access all the information in one place, meaning you can concentrate on the important tasks to your role.

About Corporate Hospitality Advisor Subscriptions:

For a limited time, Corporate Hospitality Advisor is free to use. Subscriptions will be available for 2013 in December of this year. For more information, please contact us.


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