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ODI Australia vs South Africa SCG
November 22, 2014 – November 23, 2014 all-day
ODI Australia vs South Africa SCG @ SCG

5th Carlton Mid ODI Series Australia v South Africa

Sunday 23rd November 2014, Sydney Cricket Ground

Australia plays South Africa at the SCG .

Corporate Hospitality packages available:

This range includes

  • SCG Corporate Suites
  • SCG Corporate Boxes (open air)
  • SCG Corporate Dining Rooms
  • Lounge style packages.

Corporate Hospitality at a cricket match offers plenty of time to be able to talk to your clients and get to know them. Therefore it is crucial that you choose a package that is comfortable and will suit the level of guest you are inviting. It is worthwhile remembering that January can be exceptionally hot and the cricket is one of the longest sporting events you can attend (8 hours plus). Booking a corporate package where you can escape to an indoor, air-conditioned area whilst still being able to watch the game is desirable. There are approximately 3 to 4 official suppliers of SCG Corporate Hospitality for this summers cricket season.

Check out our AdvisorGrid below to compare some of the packages.

More information:

Does your organisation entertain clients using corporate hospitality at major events on a regular basis? For more information on these packages, and our premium Corporate Hospitality Advisor subscriptions, please contact us

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